Stained Concrete Porches

Stained Concrete Porch - Diamond-cut Concrete in Cross-Hatched, Contrasting Brown TonesStained Concrete Porch - Diamond-cut Concrete in Cross-Hatched, Contrasting Brown Tones

Stained concrete porches add visual curb appeal to any home.  They provide an elegant stage on which to place your flower planters and holiday decorations, and give any entry area a finished look for when guests arrive. 

Some porches have enough room for a table and chairs, or a swing so that you can relax and just enjoy a breath of fresh air with friends and family.  Other porches may simply be a covered entryway before stepping across the threshold into your home. 

No matter what the size of your porch, a stained concrete porches are a focal point which accentuates the doorway into your home's interior.  

Is it time to give your cement porch a makeover?

Stained Concrete Porches Ideas

Here are some thoughts and ideas to help you choose your porch's floor color.

A front door and its porch entry way is the focal point of every home.  It is a large part of what gives a home its "curb appeal."

So, what color should you choose for your stained concrete porch floor?  Here are some ideas. 

Earth Tone Colors - Popular porch floor colors are natural, neutral, earth tone colors, such as browns, tans, and grays, which match the exterior colors of many homes.

Choosing Colors For Stained Concrete Porches

Stained concrete porch with two-toned brown stain and a contrasting dark borderStained Concrete Porch with Two-Toned Brown Stain and a Contrasting Dark Border Edging

White House - If your home's exterior color is white, what color is your window and door trim?  Would your home's trim color look good as your porch's floor color? 

What about your front door color?  Would it look good as your porch floor color?  If not, perhaps a shade of gray would be a good choice, as it is closer to white in the color chart than a tan, or light brown. 

Contrasting Porch Floor - Or, perhaps you would like a contrasting porch floor color, such as the photo, above.

This Stained Concrete Porch Adds Contrast and Visual Interest To This Front DoorwayThis Stained Concrete Porch Adds Contrast and Visual Interest To This Front Doorway

Stonework Exterior - If your home has exterior stonework, you may wish to choose one of the darker predominant colors within the stone to accentuate and create a seamless look to blend the porch color with the exterior stonework walls, steps or sidewalk colors which surround the porch.

Darker shades of earth tone colors give stained concrete porches a strong, foundational look, which, as your eye travels upward, will highlight your front door.

This Stained Concrete Porch Complements This Home's Stonework Exterior and Front DoorThis Stained Concrete Porch Complements This Home's Exterior Stonework and Front Door

Front Door Color - Another possibility is that you may wish to match your front door's existing color with your porch floor color to extend the door's color, forward and outward, for more visual "weight", such as you can see in the photo, above. 

Repaint Your Front Door? -  If you are still undecided, would the porch floor color that you really like work better (blend better) if you repainted your front door to a matching color, or a slightly different hue of the same color?  

Stained Concrete Porches - Aesthetics

Sell Your Home? - One last consideration before you choose your porch's stain color is this... 

If you decide to sell your home one day, will a potential buyer feel that the front porch entryway is eye-catching, and beautiful? 

Ask yourself: " Will my choice of front porch color create a positive feeling before they open my front door to see the rest of my home?"

If the answer is "Yes", then, you probably have a winner!

Still can't decide?  If you are looking for a decorative concrete contractor in the Kansas City area to stain your porch, feel free to fill out our Request For Quote form, below. 

We will be happy to provide you with color ideas and color swatches to help you make the right choice...because we want you to LOVE your new stained concrete porches!    

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