Decorative Concrete Patios
Personalize Your Outdoor Living Space

Decorative concrete patios add art, beauty and elegance to plain, gray concrete's basic functionality for outdoor, entertaining areas.  These outdoor living spaces can be created in different shapes, have different texture patterns, and there are an assortment of colors, and colorful designs to choose from.

Concrete skid-resistant textured surface coatings can be added to all decorative concrete flatwork such as patios, driveways, porches, sidewalks, steps, pool decks, etc. to reduce slips and falls.  

There are two basic components to creating exterior decorative concrete flatwork.   They are:  Stamping and Staining.   

Stamped Decorative Concrete Patios

Stamped concrete patios are stamped (imprinted) using stamp sets, right after the concrete is poured, and formed.  Concrete stamp sets create textured patterns in the concrete that resemble real, natural  stone. 

Stamp sets each have a different, repeatable pattern, that can be placed into the concrete in any orientation. 

There are many available stamp set pattern shapes to choose from. 

Popular stamp set design patterns include flagstone, cobblestone, brick, ashlar slate, fieldstone, fan stone and many others. 

stamped multi-colored decorative concrete patio with bright fiesta colors of red, blue, yellow, and orangeStamped and Stained Decorative Concrete Patio with Bright Fiesta Colors

Stained Decorative Concrete Patios

Stained concrete patios are colored by the use of special, commercial-grade concrete stains and dyes.  The stain penetrates the top layer of the concrete.  Once the stain dries, the concrete is sealed with a concrete sealant. 

Stain colors can be applied to newly poured and existing concrete patios in solid (opaque) colors, varied multi (single) colors, or can be applied to give the patio a marbled, two-tone look, which looks much like an indoor decorative concrete floor.

two-tone stained natural brown decorative concrete patioTwo Toned Natural Brown Stained Decorative Concrete Patio

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