Pool Deck Resurfacing - Repair, Refinish and Seal. 
Before and After Pictures

This pool deck resurfacing project began with repairing a section of concrete which had settled after a water pipe leak beneath it. 

Once the water leak had been repaired, the home owner wanted the entire damaged concrete section removed. 

Therefore, the first portion of this project was to remove the damaged section of concrete and prepare this section for new concrete. 

Remove Deteriorated Concrete Pool Deck Section

This pool deck resurfacing project began with tearing out and replacement of a damaged section of concrete. 

Prepare The Section For New Concrete Installation

New Concrete Section Poured and Broom Finished

Integral Color - (Colored Concrete) - New concrete is typically a lighter gray than older, existing concrete.  To compensate for this color difference, integral color was added to this concrete mix before the new section of concrete was poured in order to more closely match the color of the older concrete on the existing pool deck before the top surface stain color was applied.

Integral color is not just a colored surface coating like water-based and acid stains.  Integral color is an oxide pigment which is thoroughly mixed with the concrete in the ready-mix truck to produce colored concrete.  It is available in dry and liquid form. 

Pool Deck Staining

If You Decide To Do It Yourself

Choose A Two-day Period Without Rain Before Applying Stain

Pressure Wash
- Before stain was applied, the pool deck was pressure washed to remove any dirt, sand, and debris so that the concrete deck's surface would accept the stain, uniformly. 

Note to DIYs...Pressure washing provides a much cleaner surface area than using a garden hose.  The water pressure provided by most garden hoses is insufficient to remove mildew, mold or ground in dirt, or fertilizer acids which are between the sand particles within the concrete's top surface. 

The average water pressure from a home water faucet is about 40 to 80 PSI.  PSI is Pounds per Square Inch. 

Concrete contractors use high pressure washers, typically between 2,000 - 3,500 PSI.  The pressure washer used on this pool deck was 3,400 PSI.  If you are a Do-It-Yourselfer, commercial-grade pressure washers are available for rental from an equipment rental store.  

Please keep in mind that stain colors are PERMANENT.  Applying stain over mildew, mold or dirt (even if you can't see any of this debris with the naked eye) may affect the overall uniformity of color of the stained concrete surface, and not provide you with your hoped-for results from all your hard work.  

Drying Time - The concrete was then allowed to fully dry for several days.

Stain Coat No. 1 - Terracotta colored water-based concrete stain was then rolled on with a 5/8" nap roller.  Stain can also be sprayed onto a concrete surface, however, with the pool's interior being in such close proximity to the concrete which needed to be stained, the stain was rolled on.  

The interior pool coping area (next to the water) was taped off with plastic, and the stain was hand painted with a brush on the inner coping area to assure that no stain would get into the water.

Two coats of stain were rolled on.  The first coat was rolled in one direction, only.  As an example...it was rolled (north to south), and allowed to fully dry to the touch.

Stain Coat No. 2 - The second coat was rolled on in the opposite direction, (east to west).  (The north-south and east-west directions are only to help explain the two cross-hatched directions in which the stain was rolled onto the concrete.  You will not need to use a compass.)

Two coats of stain were applied in order to assure that the stain fully and evenly covered the concrete's porous surface to prevent unwanted light and dark areas. 

Pool Deck Resurfacing Sealed and Completed

Pool deck resurfacing project is completed. Pool deck and patio are stained with Terracotta color stain.

Concrete Pool Deck Sealer

Sealer Tip:  Concrete absorbs heat.  Sealer should be applied when it is cool, such as in the early morning or early evening.   If applied during the heat of the day, the sealer may "flash", and create an unwanted coloration.

Two coats of sealer were applied.  The first coat was rolled on in the north-south direction and allowed to dry.  Depending on the temperature and humidity, this may take between 2 hours and 24 hours.

The first coat of sealer must be dry to the touch (not sticky) before the second coat is applied.

The second coat of sealer was rolled on in the east-west direction, and allowed to dry.

A non slip concrete sealer additive for pool decks was mixed with both coats of sealer for slip resistance. 

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Do It Yourself?

If you would like to perform your own pool deck resurfacing to stain and seal your pool, yourself, the following information contains the timeline, materials and equipment that you will need to help you decide. 

The Do It Yourself list below, does not include removing and replacing the deteriorated section of concrete above the underground water line with a jack hammer, nor the adding of integral color pigments to the new, replacement  section of concrete to match the existing concrete pool deck's color because these are typically not a Do-It-Yourself project.   

DIY - Staining and Sealing For Pool Deck Resurfacing

Materials Used

Equipment Needed

Pressure Washer

Garden hose to attach to pressure washer

Tape - 3 rolls of blue tape

Plastic sheeting - 1 roll

Brush - 2 - 4" brushes

1 Roller handle

4 Roller covers with 5/8" nap

Time Spent on This Pool Deck Resurfacing Project

Concrete Section Removal and Replacement:  One day

Interior Pool Coping Taped Off with Plastic:  2-3 rolls of tape

Pressure Washing Time:  3.5 hours

Drying Time:  3 hours

Staining Time - 1st Coat:  3 hours

Drying Time:  2 hours

Staining Time - 2nd Coat:  2 hours

Drying Time:  2-3 hours (until dry to the touch)

Sealing Time - 1st Coat:  2 hours

Drying Time:  until dry to the touch

Sealing time - 2nd Coat:  1.5 hours

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